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Sue and Sara Share Some Sex

Posted March 11, 2008

Sara and Sue are good friends. They met in high school and went to the same college. They decided to room together at school, and one night, when they were both very drunk and very lonely, they decided to expand their friendship to include a little nasty pussy licking and fingering.

Sara pulled Sue’s top up and began to lick her little nipples. Sue sighed at Sara’s lapping tongue, and spread her legs so Sara could reach her hand up her skirt and fondle her little pussy. Sara pushed her fingers deep into Sue’s cunt, and found her wet and ready. Sara pounded her fingers in and out of Sue’s hole, making Sue moan and sigh and released a juicy orgasm all over her thighs and Sara’s hand.

Sue got on her knees between Sara’s thighs and pushed Sara’s legs spread wide. She pulled Sara’s panties to the side to expose Sara’s juicy pink pussy lips. Opening her snatch hole, Sue began to lick at Sara’s little clit until it was swollen and throbbing. Sue played with her own cunt while she ate out Sara’s snatch, finally urging her to a dripping orgasm.

Sue then laid down on the couch with her legs open and exposed her wet pussy. Sara stared at her wet hole, and licked it a few times just to get Sue a little more excited. Then Sara penetrated Sue’s cunt with her fingers, opening her hole for a little more kinky penetration. Sara grabbed a vibrator and showed it to Sue; Sue was excited by the sight of the vibrator, and opened her legs even wider. Sara laid the vibrator on Sue’s clit and Sue screamed at the pulsations. She bucked her hips into the vibrator and let her hips grind into it until she let her pussy squirt out a gushing orgasm.

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